Animania is a company dedicated to creative illustration and storytelling for business brands.

Our process is unique and focuses on inspiring ideas and concepts.

Illustrative Storytelling

People are visual.

People like pointers, pie-charts and flowcharts (more?); the things with meaningful overlapping elements that show relationships. These types images make it easy to correctly interpret the information and hence understand the story and meaning with greater accuracy.

Consider the infographic. We’ve seen them all over the Internet. Not much to them really, seemingly a bunch of numbers, stats and images all smashed together. But the retention power of that information is much greater than if you absorbed them through a conversation, report or written document.

Informational graphics help us see connections and allow us to remember the content of the presentation with comparative ease.

Similarly, animated illustrations implant long-term images that are used subliminally to recall information much quicker than traditional reading and recall…

For most people, illustrations and animations have more ‘mental stickiness’ than traditional photos, and much more than basic text.

● Expressive Faces
● Exaggerated Actions
● Bright, Colorful Characters
● Imaginative Backdrops

These all generate an emotional response and allow the message to be wholly absorbed.

Now give people a whiteboard animation using these elements, coupled with a professional voiceover, and the imagination takes over. Words and images come alive and your message is massively amplified.

We know from multiple studies:

● Pictures impact audiences more directly than text alone
● Illustrations visually explain complicated ideas and provide a natural way to break down complex thoughts and experiences.
● Animations communicate a story or brand message by setting and controlling the tone while enhancing the viewer’s understanding and connection to the subject matter.

Illustrative storytelling guides people to think bigger than the whole of the presentation.

The end result creates a story world that evokes emotion and brings a brand or message to life.

People can be moved to action by choosing the best tone and message. A sad story may make someone donate time or money to your cause, while a story illustrating a problem may be the push someone needs to decide about buying your solution. The possibilities are truly immense.

Illustration that is skillfully aligned with storytelling is one of the most engaging ways to connect with customers.

The most common request is an explainer video, or process overview video.

Our standard development process and procedures consist of:


Week 1:
● Collecting information about the client’s needs and expectations.
● Meeting with the client to discuss their “rough script” and assess the various graphical
and video elements the client would like to use.
● Conceptualize and produce a series of rough storyboards to pair with the client’s needs
and expectations.
● Work with client to ensure we are progressing to final approval of script and


Week 2:
● Solidify a Final Script and signoff with the client.
● Produce Final Storyboards and overall style of the presentation and get final approval.
● Provide the client with various voiceover styles (male/female, energetic/paced etc…)
● Provide the client with a choice of background music to accompany the presentation.


Week 3:
● Begin layout and rough animation, including graphic elements and backgrounds.
● Provide “interim” updates on animation development and solicit feedback from client.
● Produce voiceover and have client approve it.


Week 4
● Completion of animated whiteboard elements.
● Merge voice over with background music and synchronize to animation.
● Delivery of final product to client.